Appreciate A Photographer Week

Update January 15, 2011: HERE

As I’m sure most of you now know, a recent report ranked being a photographer or photojournalist as two pretty crappy jobs to have in its list of  the 200 best and worst jobs of 2010:

#122 Vending Machine Repairer
#125 Waiter/Waitress
#126 Photographer
#131 Maid
#134 Undertaker
#156 Dishwasher
#189 Photojournalist
#190 Butcher
#195 Garbage Collector

With the hope of putting a little smile on the face of a miserable, cold, starving photographer, I am officially declaring this Appreciate A Photographer Week.

What does this mean? Each day for one week, I’m going to contact a photographer I’ve never talked to before and tell them how much I love their work. A simple email is all. Something like:

Hi xxxx

Happy New Year! I hope your year is off to a great start. I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your series xxxx. …yadda yadda yadda. I really love how yadda yadda yadda. Thank you for making it and sharing it.
James Pomerantz

So, please join me. If you don’t want to do it for a week, just do it today.  Send an email to a photographer you admire but have never met. Tell him or her how much you like their work. It shouldn’t take you more than five minutes and who knows, you might make a new friend or seven. At the very least, you’ll probably brighten a photographer’s day just a little bit!

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17 Responses to Appreciate A Photographer Week

  1. gina martin says:

    great idea. i will do the same for the next 7 days…

  2. I’ve done this once or twice in the past and found it to be especially rewarding, for both you and the photographer. Positive feedback and admiration will make even the garbage collector feel good about themselves. Good for you for reaching out! Best of luck!

  3. Brilliant idea…I will get the word out!

  4. great post! i’ll follow your example :))

  5. Matt says:

    James, thanks for the great blog.

    I took the advice and sent an email. It feels so good to tell others you appreciate them.

  6. I don’t care if it counts or not, I appreciate YOU buddy! 😀

  7. Thanks for all the nice comments and thanks for the mention on the blog Miranda!

  8. Ben Golik says:

    Love this idea. I stalk so many photog’s sites but have never thanked them for inspiring me *how rude* Just sent my thanks to James Griffioen and Brad Moore, for starters.

  9. Thanks Mark, I will spread some love now and make a dedication to all those photographers/photojournalists who have inspired me and made me think, to the medium that gave me a creative outlet and to photography for leading me to where I am now…
    Also from snowy-slushy UK Miranda

  10. mark thomas says:

    Nice post,Miranda

    All the best,


  11. hi, that sounds like a good plan to combat the lowly status afforded to photographers and photojournalists – will mention on Hot Blog,
    let’s hope some photo love gets shared around… have photographer’s responded to you? and who have your contacted?

    • Hi Miranda
      Happy New Year! I have been contacting photographers but I don’t kiss and tell. It’s between me and them. And as for anyone contacting me, it doesn’t count. I am not eligible for Appreciate A Photographer Week.
      Take care!

  12. mark thomas says:

    Hi James,

    A very clear and refreshing idea-Good work-Nice idea-Innovative

    All the best for 2010 from a cold and snowy London

  13. Jim says:

    Great idea about e-mailing a favorite photographer. Hope it spreads world wide. By the way if you are reading this then my contribution for the day is complete!!!

  14. Chris M says:

    Well hmmmmmm , after spending the last 2 years as a Roughneck in Northern Canada (#200) , being a photographer these days is just great !

  15. Ry says:

    This is great! I posted about it on my Arts blog and added a little discount on my prints for the week! I hope it catches on, this special week you’ve declared.

  16. i like what your doing here for sure. i know i stil don’t want to be a vending machine repairer man yet.

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