University of Hartford Limited Residency MFA Program

Back in early December, I mentioned University of Hartford’s new MFA program (here). Not much was online about it, just a few posts on some bulletin boards. Well, their site is up and running now HERE and there is more information HERE.

The limited residency MFA in Photography at the Hartford Art School is an innovative program designed for both mature individuals with established experience in the field as well as recent graduates who wish to further their own practice and acquire an MFA degree in order to facilitate their professional credentials as artists and educators.

The program couples intensive on-campus sessions during the summer with a travel component in the spring and fall. Our approach offers a “blended learning model” — research, internship and independent study — with on-site classroom learning. During the summer sessions students will be in class and have ample opportunity to interact with faculty and make use of the advanced analogue and digital facilities at the Hartford Art School. The fall and spring sessions will take place off-campus at various hubs for photographic activity such as New York, Berlin/Leipzig and other recognized destinations. The faculty is gathered from the United States and international locations and will be augmented by visiting artists, curators, writers and other leading professionals in the field.

This new model enhances our ability to be a truly international program — from our students to faculty, to off-premise meeting destinations. We believe that the art world is situated within a “global market” and our program is uniquely designed to access and utilize this enriching perspective.

The priority deadline for admissions is March 12.

Current Faculty:

Not bad, not bad at all!

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