Week 18 Course Update

Week 18 is now just a fading memory, but, thanks to this blog, it’s a memory I’ll be able to recall down the road.

In digital imaging we worked more with quick masks. It is a really useful tool to know how to use and even more useful if you have a lot of patience. It seems that a good deal of photoshop uses a basic set of skills, but then a great deal of patience…hours and hours of patience. One of the reasons that I love photography is that I’m pretty impatient. Painting, model building, sitting in traffic…not for me. But, I know a day will come when I’ll have an image that requires hours of work in photoshop and I know I’ll be annoyed if I can’t work on it myself.

Monday night crit went well, we’re just getting to know each other in the class and get a sense of what we’re planning to work on this semester. I’ve been frustrated lately. I’ve never really enjoyed shooting for myself in NY. I used to do it for newspapers, but it felt very much like work, which isn’t how I want my personal projects to feel. Also, when I shoot, I like to leave NY and spend a week or two or even a few months on location shooting. So, having to show work every two weeks while I’m not able to travel much is a bit…frustrating. I’m going away to shoot for 10 days over spring break which will be nice, but I want to find something local I want to photograph without feeling like I’m just doing it for the sake of crit.  waaaa waaaa waaa. Poor ol’ me.


In History of the Book, we had a chat about the readings. The conversation was mostly about Modernist photo books, Futurism in Italy and Russia, Constructivism,  the Bauhaus, Rodchenko

Again, if you’re interested in books, buy these two:

Badger and Parr, The Photo Book, A History. Vol 1. Phaidon, 2004
Badger and Parr, The Photo Book, A History. Vol 2. Phaidon, 2004


Wednesday morning in Visible, Invisible. Some of the work we looked at:

Joseph Kosuth (Click to view large)
Paola Di Bello
Silvio Wolf (Click to view installation)
Abelardo Morell

And…as we are so very civilized, we also listened to the following two (we didn’t have video). The first is a humorous, insightful speech by Leonard Bernstein about working with Glenn Gould. The second is part of their beautiful interpretation of Brahms Piano Concerto No 1.

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3 Responses to Week 18 Course Update

  1. Hi,
    have you ever seen a movie called Dune?
    “Travelling without moving”.
    Why don’y you try to discover new york from scratch?
    why don’t you dive deep in your own town?
    you can ask to work in hospitals, night clubs, immigrants flats….
    there’s so much to DIVE…

  2. Holly Hughes says:

    Hey James, have you ever seen a movie called Thirty Four Short Films About Glenn Gould (OK, maybe I got the number wrong, I haven’t seen it in years). It’s not only an interesting movie about the eccentric artist but I remember thinking its narrative method was cool.

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