Cotton Carrier Camera Systems Holds Your Cameras AND Gun!

Seriously?? What if you shoot large format and prefer a sawn-off shotgun? What am I supposed to do??

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  1. Saw that also at duckrabbit… really weird…. seems to be used if there is not enough blood at the victims he photographs… sorry, just kind of a “joke”…



  2. I think I just ducked. I wonder if they throw in the Oakley’s for free?

  3. Frank Evers says:

    Is this coming from the company behind the product or someone punking them?

  4. I think way too many people saw this video and took it seriously. But I guess that’s the way the Internet is. Interpret it how you like.

    I have a personal review of the Cotton Carrier system here:

    As far as the “I wanted to be in the army special forces but I didn’t make the grade”, yes I never served in the military. But no, I don’t pretend to have. My only ‘military related’ background is my activity is in competitive Service Rifle, of which many of the matches I participate in are held on military installations or held by military installations. And I do provide some coaching and help to military shooters who are seeking to advance their marksmanship skills.

    Anyway, what you don’t see in that video is that I’m wearing two belts. One is the regular 1.5″ ‘instructor’ belt which is what the Blade-tech holster is attached to (for the Springfield XD40 Tactical) (and what’s holding up my pants). I’m wearing a Think Tank Photo Steroid Speed belt on top of that which is what the Cotton Carrier holster is attached to. That two belt setup just to carry a sidearm and modular camera gear isn’t going to be comfortable. But again, the video was done for fun and took only a few minutes to shoot.

    As far as the Cotton Carrier’s usefulness, I used it to great effect at the 2010 SHOT Show in Las Vegas last month (which I alluded to in the aforementioned review). For those that don’t know, SHOT Show is *the* industry firearms trade-show and took place in the Sands Expo in Las Vegas over the course of 4 days. I was able to walk the show floor for about 5-6 hours for 3 days with two gripped bodies with zero fatigue associated with any neck/shoulder straps.

    This setup is pretty much applicable for the ‘active photo’ session, i.e. weddings or any situations where you need to be ready with the camera, but are constantly on the move. As far as everyday carry, I either 1) don’t have a camera strap on the body and just carry the camera in my Think Tank UD 35 (with my laptop), or 2) use a Black Rapid R-5 strap.

  5. MarcW says:

    1) As you probably know, under the Laws of War journalists aren’t allowed to be armed in combat zones, or they can be treated as enemy combatants (or just shot as spies.)

    That doesn’t mean they don’t carry sometimes, it means they never, ever let anybody see it. 🙂

    2) Sawed-off shotguns are illegal in the US without a special permit, which is very hard to get. So no worries there.

    3) I suppose this could be useful for wildlife photographers, but I’d rather have two things that do the job well than one thing that does two jobs halfass.

  6. It makes my hips look fat

  7. Denise Wolff says:

    They should offer a bulletproof vest unit as well! It will go fetchingly with a scarf.

  8. I it even ethical for photographers to engage in combat 😀

    That is the goofiest thing I’ve seen all week…

  9. Ha ha, that’s really funny it reeks of “I wanted to be in the army special forces but I didn’t make the grade”

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