Week 21 Course Update

Time for another week in review…

Digital Imaging: This week’s class was a lab class. We spent the time practicing using all the tools so far: pen, quick masks, channel masks. We were also told our next assignment. We have to take a photograph shot in daylight and make it look like it was taken at night.


In History of the Book, we went to a screening of Soundtrack to War by George Gittoes. You can see it right here:

side note…History of the Book teacher David Ross was on The Colbert Report talking about Olympic Poster Art:


Wednesday morning in Visible, Invisible we talked about eyes.

this is your eye
this is your eye and brain
IRIS (We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars) SO 200L (Dilated). Marc Quinn 2009 oil/canvas
Marc Quinn Installation

“You never look at me from the place at which I see you” – Jacques Lacan.

Giovane Che Guarda Lorenzo Lotto. Giulio Paolini.
Las Meninas. Diego Velazquez. 1656
Rovesciare i propri occhi (To Reverse one's eyes). Giuseppe Penone
Masato Seto

For next week we have to watch Julian Schnabel’s “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” – Buy it here.


In Right Here, Right Now, we started to look at landscapes, but didn’t get into them in great depth. We did have to read Deborah Bright’s essay on landscapes “Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men


On Thursday, Joel Sternfeld came by the department for a little show and tell of his work. It was great to hear him talk about American Prospects, Walking The High Line, Sweet Earth and Oxbow Archive, but I was particularly interested in his recent cell phone camera photos from Dubai.

Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona, 1983. Joel Sternfeld
Ken Robson's Christmas Tree, January 2001. Joel Sternfeld

Queen of the Prom, the Range Nightclub, Slab City, California, March 2005. Joel Sternfeld
February 28, 2007 
The East Meadows, Northampton, Massachusetts. Joel Sternfeld
iDubai book cover. Joel Sternfeld

In non-school news, I had a nice interview run in At Length.

Throw in some wedding planning and some shooting and it was a good week!

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  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    hey man, thks for the update, you always give me something to think about and at least i feel im moving in the right direction as a photography artist too.
    abouth the diving bell and the butterfly, you can catch it in netflix video streaming in english though :( , i saw it about a year ago, i liked it i did not loved it but i liked it :) , i think you will too

  2. Conan Lai says:

    This is an awesome blog, it’s been very insightful. Thank you.

    Diving Bell is a scary movie.

  3. B says:

    Coincidence… I just took Diving Bell and the Butterfly from the library the other day. Beautiful film. I think I understand why it would be part of that course. Interesting.

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