Call For Submissions FotoGrafia Festival in Rome

Marc Prust, formerly of Agence Vu and World Press Photo, was recently announced as one of three curators for 2010-2012 for the FotoGrafia Festival in Rome.

Marc is working on exhibitions related to the theme “Photography and Publishing”.

In Marc’s words (with my bold added):

Let me explain the concept of my exhibition. As I am working on the theme of Photography and Publishing, and have seen seen many strong, beautiful, and important book dummies in the past few years at festivals, portfolio reviews, and elsewhere, I have decided to focus on those materials that have not been published: the Exhibition of the Non-Published. Although my starting point is photobook dummies, I am actually interested in all unpublished materials: reportages intended for magazines, slideshows for festivals or websites, art projects, etc. Of course the work that I am looking for has to be of outstanding quality, and its non-publication has to be for a reason other than the quality. The exhibition will consist of several parts: a large collection of book dummies of various shapes and formats, a few selected dummies with a larger presentation of the project including prints and perhaps more versions of the dummy, and a presentation of unpublished photojournalistic / social documentary reportage.

If you have suitable material, please contact Marc at

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