Week 23 & 24 Course Updates

I just realized what a bad blogger I’ve been of late. I never posted an update before running off on Spring Break. So, here is a double post covering highlights from the past two weeks of classes.

Digital Imaging:

Just before Spring Break, we had to take a daytime photo and turn it to nighttime. It was a fun exercise. I started with this:

aphotostudent james pomerantz warm beach

I set up various masks for the water, sky, rocks and people and then tweaked all the colors and levels. I added a few color fill layers with gradients, threw in some stars and a little something to jazz things up a little…Bam!

aphotostudent james pomerantz tulum boom

It’s not perfect and could use more work, but I was pretty impressed with myself!

The next assignment, which is due next week, is to change the season in a photograph.


I was not in History of the Book for Week 23 which covered post-war photo books (Frank, Avedon and Arbus).

Readings for Week 23 were:

Gerry Badger and Martin Parr: “The Photobook: A History – Volume 2“, chapters 5& 6

Karal Ann Marling, “As Seen on TV: The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s“,  chapters 3, 5, & 7

Martha Rosler, Decoys and Disruptions, “Place, Position, Power, Politics”

In Richard Bolton, “The Contest of Meaning“:

Carol Squires, “The Corporate Year in Pictures”

Sally Stein, “The Graphic Ordering of Desire: Modernization of a Middle Class Woman’s Magazine, 1914-39″

Esther Parada, “C/Overt Ideology: Two Images of Revolution”

This past week we watched two videos, one was an unreleased documentary about Mike Disfarmer. The other was Allan Sekula’s “A Short Film For Laos


In Visible and Invisible we were given our second assignment:

Express your physical, mental, symbolic point of view verbally/visually/acoustically/performing. Be true to yourself.

We also began to discuss the concept of time. Things mentioned:

Boulevard du Temple, ca 1838. Louis Daguerre
The Horse In Motion, 1878. Eadweard Muybridge
Behind the Gare St Lazare, 1932. Henri Cartier-Bresson
Bullet Through Apple, 1964. Harold Edgerton
Cinerama Dome, Hollywood, 1993. Hiroshi Sugimoto

Bill Viola, “The Quintet of the Astonished” (2000):


Yom HaShoah:

Fischli and Weiss:


In Right Here, Right Now we looked at some abstract photography:

Attatonilco Series 0126 , 2009. Shirine Gill
Afterimage #10 (Lingering Green), 2008. Mikko Sinervo
Black Forest, Roland Fischer
HORIZON 13 - RED 2002, Silvio Wolf
Six Color Curl (CMMYYC: Irvine, California, July 18th 2008. Walead Beshty
Mandala #450, 2003. Bill Armstrong
Early Light/Sylvania AG/1B (C-819), 2008. Marco Breuer
Nicki Stager
Untitled #57, 1998. Richard Caldicott

Next week: Changing seasons in a photograph, a look at porn in History of the Book and time to register for classes.

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