Week 26 Course Update

With 4 weeks left in the academic year, things are heating up at school.

In Digital Imaging, we looked at the images in which we had changed seasons:

aphotostudent, james pomerantz, Tulum

James Pomerantz ( aphotostudent ) winter beach

Our next assignment is to make a composite image that includes 4 elements that the teacher gave us.


In History of the Book, we talked about archives, indexes and memory.

Essays we read:

Chapter 9 of “The Photobook: A History – Volume 2” Gerry Badger and Martin Parr

Four essays from “The Photography Reader” ed Liz Wells:

“Evidence, Truth and Order: Photographic Records and the Growth of the State” John Tagg

“Photographs of Agony” John Berger

Reading an Archive: Photography Between Labor and Capital” Alan Sekula

“Remembrance: The Child I never Was” Annette Kuhn


Wednesday morning in Visible, Invisible we finished considering memory.

Shimon Attie
Ulrich Görlich
Silvio Wolf


In Right Here, Right Now we talked a little about painting and photography:

Two Ways of Life, 1857. Oscar Rejlander
Beate Gütschow
Joel Sternfeld
Simon Norfolk
Collier Schorr
Vik Muniz
Roland Flexner


I also registered for classes for next year:

Master Crit with Sarah Charlesworth

Thesis Forms with Marvin Heiferman

Critical Reading with Jan Avgikos

History of Video with David Ross

Photobook Studio with Kiki Bauer


The highlight of my week?

The Marina Abramovic performance restrospective at MoMA. I don’t remember the last time I was so moved by an exhibition. If you are in NY in the next two months, you really should go. I’ll be returning several times before I take a seat across from her.

HERE is the link for the Marina Abramovic exhibition.

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  1. Hey H & W,
    Thanks for reading. I am indeed very lucky to be in school! It boggles my mind how quickly this year has gone by.

  2. Holly Hughes says:

    Some of the images you’ve posted here have moved me to tears. Partly because they’re so beautiful, and partly because I’m envious of the opportunity you have to dig deep into these artists and study them and talk about them. Ah school…..

  3. That PS job is insane.

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