Awesome Summer Quiz Photo ID Film Giveaway Bonanza Part 1

It’s summer time, which for a procrastinator like me means it’s time for spring cleaning. Why should you care? Because I have more expired film to give away! W00t.

How much film am I giving away? about 180 rolls of color 120 film!!!!

How do you get your hands on it?

I’m going away for a little while (not to prison, just a little vacation).

Over the next two weeks while I’m away there will be five photo ID posts here at A Photo Student, each containing 10 images.

All you have to do is wait until after the fifth post and shoot me an email at: with the names of the 50 artists who made the images.

Easy, right?!

Again, five posts will go up while I’m away. each post will have 10 photos. Send me a single email with as many of the 50 artists’ names as you can figure out.

I’ll go through everyone’s answers when I get back to town at the end of the month and the film goes to the first person who emailed me the most correct answers by midnight eastern standard time on Sunday, June 27th, 2010.

Let’s begin:

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