Trick Your Brain Into Seeing Nude Photos

Someone claiming to be a Mormon man whose religion forbids him to look at pornographic material is creatively using Photoshop to satisfy his desires. “Bubbling” turns photos of scantily clad women (or men) and tricks the brian into thinking they’re nudes. While I don’t want to judge the guy, I would say that it’s the intention that matters here and at this point he might as well go for it and buy a copy of Playboy. He’s already lying about having invented the technique (We weren’t taught bubbling at school but a little internet digging shows that it’s been around for awhile and is a hit with all the really really really cool kids) so why bother with the bubbling?

The poster shares more HERE

and read more on Gizmodo HERE

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6 Responses to Trick Your Brain Into Seeing Nude Photos

  1. megus says:

    StripMe – FREE bubbling app available in AppStore uses automatic filter alghorytms of image recognition. Enjoy:

  2. Putu says:

    lol, human minds basic needs,especially the men’s

  3. Eric says:

    Also you can check the French political bubbling here

  4. vasyl says:

    haha nice photo editing ^^

  5. Hi.. Just so you know.. that post is a hoax. I’m sure it’s from one of the delinquents that visit /b/ (Don’t go there, trust me).

    Maybe it’s just a reason to rag on a religion? Whatever the reason, it’s lame. But whatever gives you good linkbait I guess.

    • “linkbait”? it’s a humorous application of photoshop that I wasn’t familiar with. Whether the guy is Mormon or not, I don’t know (but…just so you know…I altered the first sentence just for you).
      HERE is a link to something about it on Gizmodo just in case you feel like posting something.

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