Songs About Photography

Songs About Photography

This list is just a start. Please add more to the comments section. If you have any thoughts about the first photography reference in a song, please let me know!

Cindy of a Thousand Lives – Billy Bragg
People Take Pictures Of Each Other – The Kinks

Picture Book – The Kinks
I turn my camera on – Spoon

Carry this picture – Dashboard Confessional
Paint A Vulgar Picture – The Smiths

Getting the picture – Jimmy Buffett
Panorama – The Cars

Picture – Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow
The Picture – Hubert Kah
Local Boy in the photograph – Stereophonics

F-stop blues – Jack Johnson
Photographs and Memories – Jim Croce

Life through a lens– Robbie Williams
Photograph – Weezer
Photograph – Nickelback

Photograph – Ringo Starr
Photograph – Johnny Mathis
Photograph– The Verve Pipe

Take a Picture – Filter
Pictures of You– The Cure
Distant camera – Neil Young

Please just take these photos from my hands – Snow Patrol
This Is Not A Photograph – Mission of Burma

Send a picture of Mother – Johnny Cash
Camera – R.E.M.

Freeze Frame – J. Geils Band
Camera One – Josh Joplin Group

Every picture tells a story – Rod Stewart

I Am A Camera – The Buggles
Into the lens – Yes (same song as I Am A Camera – The Buggles)
The Camera Eye – Rush

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5 Responses to Songs About Photography

  1. Robert M says:

    What about the song Snapshot by Sylvia?

  2. fun post cool blog
    In reference to Simon’s lyrics they did in fact “take my Kodachrome away” unfortunately for Alex Webb and others. I fortunately started eventually using color negative film, so I am not as disappointed as others.
    Songs maybe to consider;
    J Giels- angel in a centerfold
    Jackson Browne-fountain of sorrow (at the moment my camera happened to find you and so on)
    A whole band- Camera Obscura

  3. Stephanie says:

    Photograph by Jamie Cullum
    3 x 5 by John Mayer

  4. Persephone’s Bees – Photo Album:
    And its a bit long but the Philip Glass opera The Photographer.

  5. Lesley says:

    Kodachrome by Paul Simon???

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